Multi-network integration, stable communication

Multi-channel aggregation bandwidth guarantee

Dedicated agreement security guarantee

MNF-ICG integrated communication module

MNF-ICGThe intelligent integrated communication module provides a variety of data calling interfaces to meet the secondary development requirements, and 5G sim card is available.


MNFM intelligent fusion communication module

MNFM intelligent fusion communication module provides a variety of data calling interfaces, which can be flexibly embedded into various devices to meet the needs of secondary development.


MNF-410 integrated communication equipment

MNF-410Integrated communication equipment, 3 cards, 4 cards, 5 cards are randomly matched, supporting mixed insertion of multiple operators.Applicable to various Internet of things front end.


FCIGC-5204B communication management machine

FCIGC-5204B Small communication management machine,Telnet and SNMP services.


MNF-620U 5G integrated communication gateway

5g integrated communication gateway, built-in 5g module, multi card aggregation, high-speed and safety, the equipment is standard 1U specification, easy to install and fix in the rack.


MNF-610 Integrated communication gateway

The integrated communication gateway MNF-610, portable, supports standard 5g applications, and supports up to five 4G LTE communication modules.Applicable to various Internet of things front end.


Backpack portable multimedia gateway MNF-VAG

Backpack portable multimedia gateway MNF-VAG


Intelligent integration allows unlimited business extension

Integrate MPLS, DSL, VSAT and other wired and multi-channel wireless intelligence into one channel, and send it to the cloud safely, quickly and stably through its own protocol, ensuring zero business interruption

Multi-channel aggregation network is faster, more stable and smoother

4G multi-channel aggregates multiple operators and multiple wireless channels, and aggregates multiple wireless channels into one channel, doubles the bandwidth and network speed, high real-time data transmission, low jitter, and high communication quality

Intelligent converged communication makes all IoT devices secure instantly

Convergence of wired and wireless networks, multi-channel aggregation, up to 4 layers of guarantees, multi-service interfaces, support for function customization, and fast, stable and safe access of mobile IoT terminals to the network

Application scenario

Offshore communications

Emergency command vehicle

Smart police car

Combat command